one-of-a-kind hand drawn ornaments

crikey! it's a month until xmas! whaaaat? i have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season but i'm attempting to get more into the spirit (read: spirits) of winter and muddle through somehow. singing along to holiday jazz in a rum & eggnog haze usually does the trick. also, watching my favourite holiday movies like A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim, It's a Wonderful Life, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (i can't help it), The Big Chill and The Ref. ok, i know The Big Chill isn't a holiday movie but i still want to watch it every year. one of my favourite things to do at this time of year is to create my own handmade ornaments which i do as a tradition for my family and friends and this year, i thought it would be nice to create some one-of-a-kind fine art hand drawn ornaments for you to share with your loved ones (or yourself!) as well. these ornaments are a bit non-traditional, a bit alternative, a little bit abstract, with some festive starry drawings thrown in for good measure because stars. hope you find one that you like in particular, there are a whole bunch and i may add more if I drink enough rum & eggnog, so tell your friends! this year, please consider buying one-of-a-kind handmade ornaments and help support independent artists! a jolly good win-win! cheers! (drinks rum & eggnog and pretends to clink glasses with you).

you can find my one-of-a-kind archival ink hand drawn ornaments in my big cartel shop here. i really hope this season is a bright one for you all. happy holidays!


some hand painted ornaments

if you've been following me on my instagram (@sheilaforde), you'll have noticed that in anticipation of the holiday season, i have created some one-of-a-kind, original hand painted ornaments, both abstract and festive, to help make your holidays that much more special. this year, please consider celebrating the holidays with some handmade fine art ornaments to hang on your tree or in your home, and help support independent artists this holiday season - it's a win-win! you can find my hand painted ornaments in my etsy shop here. happy holidays!

Collectif Blanc - Édition florale

it has been a really busy autumn for me and a while since i have blogged but i'd like to tell you about what i have been up to. in the spring i was invited by the curatorial platform Collectif Blanc to include my little book of roses zine in their Édition florale exposition which took place over two events and three days in Montreal, on September 13-14 at Place Shamrock, and on September 21 at Espace Nomad Nation. these events of floral and botanical publications and prints aimed to celebrate "the beauty of flowers and print intertwined" and i was truly honoured to be a part of such a thoughtful and astoundingly lovely group exhibition. Collectif Blanc informs me that they will also be part of the upcoming Salon Nouveau Genre taking place on December 6 & 7 in Quebec City where they will be showcasing the best of this year's exhibitions, and i am happy to say that some of my zines and une fleur à chaque jour books will be included. Thank you so much again to Catherine Métayer and Marie-Ève Tanguay of Collectif-Blanc.

images courtesy of Collectif Blanc


medusa, teenage wallflower

an archival print of my original archival ink drawing, 'medusa, teenage wallflower', is now available in my etsy shop here. poor medusa, no one would ask her to dance. life as a teenage monster must have been rough. this one is for all the rebels and wallflowers out there, and for all those for whom every day is hallowe'en.



disko, an original archival ink drawing from my recent summer show, here we are. this is the final post of my 30 original drawings from my first solo exhibition, a show about the individuality, commonality and feelings of women. You can find this work and the remaining original works still available in my big cartel shop here. I would love you to take a look and hope you will find one that speaks to you in particular. Thanks so much for your interest and enjoy these last long summer days!



1973, an original archival ink drawing from my recent show, here we are. sold. 1973 was an important year for women. let's not go backwards to the dark ages before women had any rights or were even considered 'persons' legally. let's remember that that was not even 100 years ago, and in many countries, women still do not have many basic rights we take for granted. let's keep educating ourselves. let's stop regulating women's bodies, and a woman's right to choose and to legally have control/governance over her own body. let's progress, let's strive for fairness and equality, let's keep fighting for and let's keep talking about women's rights globally. let's not be afraid of feminism, let's keep talking about what feminism is and what it means. i am a pro-choice mother of two boys i love and adore. i am a feminist. i am a woman. i am a person.



kālī, an original archival ink drawing from my recent show, here we are. kālī is a hindu goddess associated with empowerment. sold.