they say it's spring

some art and images that bring me spring feelings. also, if you want to listen to spring feelings, then get this album. i think this was one of the first CDs i ever bought, back when CDs were 'new'. geoff surprised me years ago with tickets to see her play on a valentine's night at the now defunct top o' the senator jazz club in toronto. she played six pieces, only six. it was a perfect night.
  1. capricious forms, wassily kandinsky, 1937
  2. blossom dearie recording 1957
  3. composition dans le cône avec couleur orange, georges vantongerloo, 1929
  4. lászló moholy-nagy, 19th c.
  5. loie fuller, early 19th c.
  6. lion d'afrique, sebastian münster, 16th c.
  7. mark rothko via great art in ugly rooms
  8. mimosa, moïse kisling, 1942
  9. réné and georgette magritte holding hands behind a tree, duane michals, 1965
  10. silfide, henri matisse, 1926
  11. a smith chart (a graphical aid for engineers who specialize in radio frequency), philip h. smith
  12. figures in rain, pirkle jones, 1955 via sfmoma


drawings, february

some recent ink and pencil drawings from my sketchbook.


drawings, january

some recent drawings from my sketchbook.


missing paris, douze

happy valentine's and all that. it's been a while since i've done a missing paris post, so here's the romantic edition, i.e. the night we both ascended the eiffel tower for the first time, so glad we got to share this moment with each other. paris really is the city of lights and it was so gorgeous under the moon. it was terribly romantic. we had gone late, after dinner, and took a fast taxi (see: blurry photos) arriving at around 10pm. we could only ascend to the second floor of the tower because it was too late to go to the top. the tower is so old and so enchanting and it was bathed in golden light. i kept thinking about women in their long dresses in the lifts when it debuted at the Paris World Fair in 1889. i can't describe all the feelings. it was sparkly and emotional and magical and it was everything you'd hope the tower would be. naturally, we attempted to get a picture of ourselves kissing on the eiffel tower. the views. the city of lights. and the moon. the moon. le sigh. oh, btw, it was also a bit blustery up there (see: blurry photos). when it was time to descend, we decided to take the stairs (about 600+ steps). there were billboards set up within the stairwells where anyone could graffiti/write something. we drew our initials in a heart and wrote our boys' first names there so we could explain how they were there with us in spirit. when we came back down to earth, we telephoned to tell them all about it at the base. little did we know the bloom would soon come off the rose. now it was nearly 1am and we thought we could take the metro back to maraïs. oops. the metro stops running at 1am and was no longer going east. i loved that we stood alone on the eastbound platform for about 10 minutes before the parisians on the other side would confirm that it was not coming (laughing inside at the silly tourists). there were no taxis to be found. zero taxis. at the eiffel tower. whaaat? it dawned on us that we may have to walk all the way back to the apartment in maraïs. to make things a bit worse, this was the evening of the same day we had risen at 4am to take the chunnel back to paris from london. and we had just descended 600+ stairs. lolz. there was nothing we could do but start walking in search of a cab. we walked and walked for an hour and finally found a lone cab down some alleyway at around 2am, who was waiting for another party that wasn't showing up. after geoff negotiated with him in french for about 15 minutes to abandon the original party, finally explaining with a smile, 'it is my duty to get my wife home and i don't want to get divorced', he agreed to take us to maraïs. we nearly cried but we were too busy laughing at the insanity of the evening. oh, paris. eiffel tower, we will never forget you. obvs. still, you did not disappoint. you did not disappoint. we are still missing you, paris.