the women of fernand khnopff

i came across these late 19th/early 20th century works a little while ago and i devoured them. their eyes! the subtlety of the works is just ethereal and chock full of mystery. and so i immediately fell in love with the women of fernand khnopff. apparently he influenced klimt and became chums with rossetti and burne-jones. khnopff's women do feel like dreamier, tarot-reading, other-worldly versions of pre-raphaelite women, devoid of the distractions of ornament and nature typical of that movement. i think they are quite unusual and beautiful in this respect, for the time.

all images via google images, all works by fernand khnopff

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love that he mostly used a single color for each one. And they are a bit fuzzy/soft, creating that dreamy look you mention. Thanks for bringing Khnopff to my attention.

    By the way, I could only get the Google Account option to work for posting a comment. Not sure why the other options wouldn't work. :/


thank you for your comment!