abstract december

woohoo! i'm officially finished my 2013 daily abstract photography project on instagram, #anabstractaday. it was a lot of fun, thanks for following along here and on instagram. here are my favourites from december, from the top: days 339, 340, 343, 345, 353, 357 and 359. since i've done daily projects the last two years in a row, i think i'll take a break this year (other than personally drawing every day, of course!) but i'm sure i will continue to share abstract images here and on instagram because, well, i can't stop myself.

you can find me on instagram: @sheilaforde


  1. You have SUCH a gift for photographing the abstract - always full of beauty and wonder. The beauty is always in the details more so than the "big picture" and you get that.

  2. thanks so much, vivienne! x


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